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Blue Ridge Aerial Adventure Park

Aerial Challenge Course

Challenge yourself from 15 to 50 feet in the air! Blue Ridge's Aerial Adventure Challenge Course features suspended bridges, tight ropes and more fun obstacles.

Zip & Climb

Try our Zip and Climb Comb Package, both at two different locations, but still two great adventures. Soar for a mile through our beautiful 165-acre Blue Ridge Mountain zipline property just 6 miles from Blue Ridge, GA or challenge yourself to new heights at our Aerial Challenge Course just outside of downtown Blue Ridge, GA.

Blue Ridge’s premiere Aerial Adventure Park is an obstacle challenge course designed to challenge participants both mentally and physically. The course features three levels of suspended bridges and tight ropes from 15 to 50 feet in the air, with each level becoming progressively more difficult. Each participant is clipped onto a safety line while on the course. The course is designed to be self-guided for ages ten and older. Everyone has up to an hour and a half to get through the course at their own pace. A great adventure that will challenge you to new heights!

Blue Ridge Adventure Park

Aerial Adventure Parks are the up and coming popular outdoor activity across the nation, challenging both the mind and body through various challenge course obstacles. The challenge course at Blue Ridge Aerial Adventure Park is at the top of the list, with 35 obstacles ranging from moderate to difficult on three different levels 15 to 50 feet in height. We call the first level “Hang on Sloopy” the second level “Crying the Blues” and the third level “Truth or Dare”, once you conquer all the levels you'll understand how they each got their name.

The challenge course is designed for ages 10 and older and who can extend an arm reach of 70 inches. Pricing ranges from $39.99 for ages 10 to 14 and $49.99 for ages 15 and older.

Hours of operation for the Aerial Adventure Park vary throughout the year. During the summer months of June, July and August reservations are available on a regular schedule with current times posted on our Adventure Calendar. During the off-season months reservations can be made with a minimum purchase on select days only, primarily on Saturday’s. We recommend calling for availability during off-season months, with the minimum ticket purchase we can offer availability on select dates and times even if our calendar does not reflect availability. Reservations are required in advance and can be purchased online or by calling 800-251-4800.


Ziplining and Rafting

Ocoee Rafting & Zipline Canopy Tours
Two Other Great Outdoor Adventures

Try our other two great outdoor adventures, we offer Ocoee River Whitewater Rafting at our Ocoee Rafting Center in Ducktown, TN just 12 miles from Blue Ridge, Georgia and we offer a one or two-hour Zipline Canopy Tour at our 165-acre North Georgia Mountain Property just 6 miles from downtown Blue Ridge. For more information on rafting visit OcoeeRafting.com and for informaiton on zipline tours visit ZipBlueRidge.com.